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Gears - Plastic Molded Timing Belt Pulleys - Plastic Molded Chain Sprockets - Plastic Molded Plastic Flexible Beam Couplers - Molded

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Close-tolerance, small plastic components specialists
Plastic PowerDrive Products, LLC. has specialized in supplying high-precision, plastic components in the power transmission and motion control markets. This covers a wide range of demanding industries such as: computer peripheral equipment, office machines, power tools, medical dental and laboratory equipment, sports and recreation, home appliances, lawn and garden, industrial machinery, packaging and conveyors, gaming equipment, toys and games, and telecommunications to name a few. Plastic PowerDrive Products, LLC. has the solution to meet your specific needs for virtually any industrial application.

Our product matrix includes a complete line-up of the following items: Stock and custom gears, sprockets, flexible beam couplers, and timing belt pulleys, plus a wide variety of custom non-drive components such as housings, bushings and bearings, connectors, bobbins, and more. This catalog illustrates the wide range of plastic components manufactured by our firm.

In addition to our catalog components, our new product lauches will add offerings such a gearboxes, one way clutches, linear actuators and more.... all based on our catalog components and manufacturing expertise.

A unique combination of high quality and superior service
We deliver something that few other vendors can provide: Uncompromising products-with uncompromising service to match. If you're looking for drive or non-drive components, stock, semi-custom, or full custom parts, 5 pieces, or a production run of 1,000,000-plus, we strive to consistently deliver the highest quality. And, as our name implies, Plastic PowerDrive Products, LLC offering of gears, pulleys, couplers and sprockets is particularly comprehensive, with high quality standards.

Our service focuses on accuracy and speed. As a result, most orders are shipped immediately, and virtually all quotes are delivered within 24 hours.

Comprehensive manufacturing and support capabilities
The cornerstone of our operation is our manufacturing and support facility. Under one roof, Plastic PowerDrive Products, LLC has everything needed to produce close-tolerance plastic parts of the highest quality, including:

  • A Tooling Department-fully furnished with CNC lathe and milling machines, auxiliary equipment and EDM capabilities- to assist you with product design and engineering support, as well as to design construct, and maintain tools and molds.
  • A Secondary Finishing and Assembly Department, to handle post-mold machining operations, such a drilling, tapping, ultrasonic welding, and product assembly.
  • Process-controlled injection molding machines, ranging from 2.5 ozs/55 tons through 16 ozs/180 tons. These machines can handle precision injection molding, insert molding, in mold assembly and more
  • A fully-equipped Quality Assurance Department, to monitor production from start to finish, ensuring that the product you receive meets industry standards.
  • A wide range of ancillary manufacturing equipment including mold heaters, temperature control units, resin dryers, and central machine cooling systems, along with numerous machine tools.
  • Plenty of floor space to accommodate new capabilities and expansion in the future.
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